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25 Positive and Interesting Facts about Pakistan

Here are the list of 25 awesome, positive and interesting facts about Pakistan. Well Pakistan is the country having one of the historic landmarks and most beautiful natural as well as artificial sights. The country is home to some of most fertile deserts and highest plateaus, glaciers that are outside the polar region of the world. This country has some unique yet amazing features that makes it the most interesting country of Asia to explore further. Here is a list of 25 some of the most interesting facts about Pakistan that makes it such an unimaginable beautiful though strong and a very hard country.

Interesting Facts about Pakistan

Interesting Facts about Pakistan

  1. Top National Anthem tune in the world: Pakistan’s national anthem tune is rated as the top and best tune of national anthem across the globe.
  2. World’s Seventh Largest Military: since you know Pakistan military is considered one of best armed forces in the world and internationally our military is ranked as the seventh largest military of the world.
  3. 26th Largest economy and 2nd best Stock exchange in the world: today Pakistan is one of the fastest growing economies of the world and currently has the 26th largest economy and 2nd best performing stock exchange in world.
  4. First Muslim Nuclear Country: Pakistan is the first and only Muslim country in the world to have nuclear weapons which is considered as deterrence of our national security.
  5. 2nd Largest Salt Mine in the world: Khewra Salt mine is considered as the oldest and world’s 2nd largest salt mine is also in Pakistan.
  6. World’s Largest Irrigation system: Indus river irrigation system of Pakistan is the largest irrigation system of the world. It is the considered the largest ever canal based system in the world and almost 70% population of the country is one way or other is associated with agriculture.
  7. Highest paved Highway of world: The Karakoram Highway in Pakistan that links with china, sometimes called as the 8th wonder, is also regarded as the highest paved highway in the entire world.
  8. World’s largest private ambulance network: The Edhi foundation in Pakistan lead by world’s most renowned philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi is considered the world’s largest private ambulance service. Currently its ambulance fleet is over 1800 ambulances.
  9. World’s Fourth Smartest people: Pakistanis are ranked as the 4ourth most intelligent and smartest people of the world according to a poll held by Institute of European Business Administration Institute that includes almost 125 countries.
  10. Tarbela Dam: It is the largest earth filled dam in the world is in Pakistan, and it is also major tourism spot in the country.

Interesting Facts about Pakistan

  1. Exports of Sports Goods and Surgical Instruments: Well Pakistani sports goods are famous across the world especially its footballs being used in fifa world cups as well. Today Pakistan is one of the biggest exporter of sports goods and surgical instruments in the world.
  2. Handicrafts and Jewelry: Pakistan is also one of the largest producers of jewelry and handicrafts and both these made in Pakistan are famous worldwide due to unique designs and skillful art and crafts.
  3. World’s largest glaciers: Another interesting fact about Pakistan is also famous for its marvelous natural beauty. It has also some of the world’s largest glaciers in the Northern Pakistan. Siachan glacier which is the highest and Baltoro Glacier is one of the largest in world.
  4. Fighters Jets Manufacturer: The 14 informative fact about Pakistan is now included in one of the very countries which are self-sufficient in manufacturing jet fighters for its own air force and for exports as well. The mighty JF-17 Thunder fighter jet is a live example of that.
  5. Largest pool of Scientists and Engineers: In addition to highly qualified doctors around the world Pakistan also has the 7th largest pool of engineers and scientists in the world serving across different countries abroad.
  6. Fastest growing literacy rate: well Pakistan is one of the few developing countries to have invested a lot on education and since 2009, the growth in the literacy rate of Pakistan is almost 250 percent so far not achieved by any other 3rd world country.
  7. Largest warm water deep Sea Port: Gwadar located in Balochistan province of Pakistan is considered the largest warm water deep sea port in the world.
  8. Highest Peaks in the world: There is no doubt Pakistan is home to one of the highest peaks and glaciers in the world. As of now 5 out of 14 world’s highest peaks are in Pakistan and K2 is also one of them which is why Pakistan is the top destination for mountain climber around the world.
  9. 4th largest broadband internet system: As of today Pakistan is also ranked as the 4th largest and fastest growing broadband internet system in the world.
  10. Youngest Microsoft Certified Experts of the world: Pakistanis being one of the most intelligent people have also claimed this record as well and currently two of world’s youngest Microsoft certified experts Arfa Karim and Babar Iqbal are from Pakistan.

Positive Facts about Pakistan

  1. Land Of world’s Oldest Civilizations: Pakistan is also one of very few countries containing oldest civilizations in world’s history, like Moen-jo-Daro, Harappa near Indus River and Mehrgarh located near Kachi Plain of Balochistan are some of the oldest civilizations.
  2. Largest Manmade Forest: Pakistan is home to world’s largest and oldest manmade forest named as change Manga forest.
  3. Beautiful Capital City: Islamabad the capital of Pakistan is considered as the 2nd most beautiful capital city in the world.
  4. Combat Jobs for Women: After Turkey now Pakistan is the only other Muslim country to open special combat jobs for women.
  5. Largest Producer of Soccer Balls: Pakistan is also considered as the largest producer and supplier of soccer balls around the world, as of today Pakistan produces more than 50% of world’s hand-made footballs.

Lastly these were some of the very “interesting facts about Pakistan” which makes it one of most beautiful and strongest countries having a very happy and warm welcoming people in its each part.

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