How to Buy Online Grocery in Lahore, Pakistan?

It is high time we accept the online grocery stores as viable alternatives to traditional stores. Because of the fact, we are constantly bombarded with work and all sorts of engagements; the time has become a precious commodity. Hence, the online version of shopping whether it is for electronics or for groceries is more suitable for our busy lifestyles.

My personal freedom is to chill at home when I am finally at home without worrying about getting groceries or daily fruits and vegetables buy Online in Lahore Pakistan. comes forward and presents itself as the best option for keeping my health and the health of my loved ones in check.

I know many of you are fed up from the Internet world because nothing is actually there but virtually available. One can’t physically touch those items and we have to make a decision on the basis of content, pictures or videos. Additionally, it is a big sacrifice for savvy physical shoppers. However, the benefits of online grocery shopping outweigh its negatives. So you are in for a big surprise if you haven’t tried yet.

Getting Export Quality Lentils & Pulses

You can easily buy grocery in Pakistan like; Lentils (Dal) are a traditional food of every household in Pakistan. An online grocery store isn’t complete if it doesn’t have Moong Dal, Masoor Daal, Mash Ki Daal, or Chana Dal. Moreover, consuming lentils or pulses is not a sign of being poor but it is rather a mode of choice. I prefer ‘Mung ki Daal’ over mutton at times so it is a personal preference rather than a status symbol. I had to clear this stigma associated with lentil lovers before moving ahead.

Collectively speaking, we are not a poor nation because the land is rich in natural resources hidden underneath the surface. All we need to do is be a little adventurous and ambitious and discover these hidden treasures.   

Let’s not delve into the past but stay in the present. If you have any bad experiences with online grocery shopping in the past, let them be. The revamped version of this industry portrays shopping ventures like in the winning rows. They have just started a few months ago and the export quality of grocery products are taking them to unprecedented heights. Being a fan of most of their products, I recommend Super Kernel Basmati Rice among them. Their price may be on the higher side but they are worth every penny. With a pleasant nutty aroma, they don’t stick together and each grain appears to be separate.

Ordering Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Online – Is It Worth Taking The Risk?

Yes, it is!

We are not ordering fresh produce online because we think it is not worth it. Well, we are wrong. Since I mentioned at the start, the industry is changing very quickly and for the better. With stores like Selly, you may expect the products to be A-class rather than dicey. Their mission statement says a lot about their ideology and where they want to see themselves in the upcoming years.

We need more online stores to adopt policies that facilitate the common man. We are living in a country that is plagued with food adulteration, and such initiatives must be praised and encouraged. By adding to the positive affirmations to fight the menace of food adulteration, we can help the future generations grow in a healthier environment.

Doctored or engineered products are devastating the health of the Pakistanis and we are all aware of the situation but somehow our ears and tongues have stopped hearing and talking about it. Well, there is still hope if more stores take up the online initiative and start thinking like As a Muslim country giving up is not one of our attributes. Let’s progress in this sector without looking back at the past. Ordering from the comfort of our homes may be a luxury when we have the option of going to the mall. However, when we don’t have the time and we are consumed by the intense routine, online grocery shopping proves to be more than a blessing.

Online Grocery Shopping in Pakistan

Lahore City with Its Saturated Landscape

Surviving in a city that was once considered non-industrial and full of greenery is getting difficult to travel in on account of the increase in population and urbanization. It was inevitable for online grocery stores like Selly to pop up on the Internet canvas. The field has the potential to grow and we will see the inception of many more online grocery portals in the coming times.

E-commerce industry means earning via online transactions and the best example of this form of business is online grocery shopping in Pakistan. The room is wide open for players to jump in and cash in on the busy life of Lahore. Lahories, on the other hand, are waiting for quality stores which are good alternatives to their physical counterparts.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Delivery Online in Pakistan

We are all worried about the quality of the fresh produce, to start with. But, an even bigger problem is the lack of smartphone dependency that forces us to stay away from online shopping in general. Yes, our elders, the seniors, are not used to computers or laptops and instead they use the feature phones to this day and age. Kids, on the other hand, are tech-savvy and push their parents and elders to try ongoing trends giving a fair chance to online startups.

By joining hands with the technology, we will be able to overcome our fears and getting fruits & vegetable delivery at our doorstep can be our little reward.

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The writer works for, an online grocery store in the vicinity of Lahore. In this article, the writer explores the grocery sector of Pakistan and suggests viable alternatives in pursuit of the common household products. He brings an experience of over 5 years in writing for various niches. It is high time to drop all the false claims revolving around the online grocery setup and deliver actionable and 100% health-prone grocery items.

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