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Pakistan National Flag Meaning

The only identity and sign of unity of any nation is its National flag. Today every independent state including Pakistan has its own national flag. That’s why Pakistan also being an independent country has its own national flag. The creation of national flag of Pakistan all started in that time when Muslims were struggling for their independence under the cruel British rule. Although the design of Pakistan national flag was derived from the All India Muslim League’s flag. And just 3 days before partition the constituent assembly made its official declaration of flag. It was designed by Amiruddin Kidwai who designed it on 11th August; 1947. That was the first time when it was presented to Muslim League. Moreover it was Quaid-e-Azam M.A Jinnah who first approved the design. From that day till today this flag is considered as the symbol of the Islamic republic of Pakistan.

Pakistan National Flag Meaning

Pakistan National Flag Meaning

However it is also as much important to know the Pakistan National Flag Meaning. Like to discuss the meaning of each component. Talking about its design the color of Pakistan national flag is dark green in along with a white color bar, and has a white crescent with five pointed star in the center. Though the significance and meaning of the each color and symbols in this Flag can be defined in a way that the dark green and white field represents the piece of Islamic rules and regulations. And the green color tells about the majority population that are Muslims and the white color simply represents the minorities i.e. people of other religions in Pakistan. While the crescent having five-pointed star in the center of the flag represents progress, knowledge and light respectively.

Interestingly this symbol of our unity is also called as “Sabz Hilali Parcham” or “parcham-e-sitāra-o-hilāl”. In fact the crescent with star in the center also tells our traditional Islamic symbol that solely means the light and progress respectively. Or in simple words it can be said meaning of this flag has represents the Islamic ideology that says Pakistan is and will always remain as a Muslim majority state along with the minorities belonging to various different religions with their rights and equality status will be treated with fair means and never be neglected.

Pakistan National Flag Meaning

Lastly we all being the Pakistanis are always proud of our national flag because it increase the importance of Pakistan and it is a symbol representing our country and we used to display and fly it everywhere on our homes, buildings, private and government offices, assemblies, schools, and vehicles of dignitaries like President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice of Pakistan and diplomats etc. In short this flag of Pakistan is not only our gratitude and recognition but it has a lot of authority and significance on our lives. It is simply the best representation of our national patriotic aspects of the country, which is why every Pakistani respect this piece of cloth that is and will always be flown high above our heads in the air.

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