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All Parts of Body Names in Urdu and English with Pictures

Here is the presentation of Parts of Body Names in Urdu and English with Pictures and in PDF format. This Human body Parts names helps the children to learn all the body parts names in early stages and helps to improve study and position in class. There are many books in Urdu on Parts of body names but if there are something missing or you want your children learn some extra parts of body names in Urdu and English then this is the right place for you. Here I am also going to present these names in Urdu and English with Pictures. You can also download these pictures and print it for your children. These parts of body names have commonly uses in our daily life both in Urdu Languages and also in English Language. Let’s have look of images of body parts names in Urdu and English;

Parts of Body Names in Urdu and English Picture

Below is the images and picture of a small Cartoon kid with some body parts names for you children in English and Roman Urdu Language. You can download it easily and print that for your kids easily;

Parts of Body names in Urdu and English with Pictures
Parts of Body Names Picture for Kids

List of All Parts of Body Names in Urdu and English

Abdomen پیٹ
Arm بازو
Buttock کوہلے
Belly پیٹ بیرونی
Bun بالوں کاجوڑا
Brain دماغ
Chin ٹھوڑی
Chest سینہ،چھاتی
Elbow کہنی
Eyebrows بھویں
Armpit بغل
Ankle ٹخنہ
Breasts چھاتیاں،پستان
Back کمر
Bile پتا
Beard داڑھی
Calf پنڈلی
Cheek گال،رخسار
Ear کان
Eye آنکھ
Eyeball پتلی
Face چہرہ
Foot پاؤں
Gullet حلق
Heart دل
Intestine آنت
Joint جوڑ
Kidney گردہ
Lips ہونٹ
Liver جگر
Foremouth دہن
Moustache مونچھ
Nose ناک
Nail ناخن
Navel ناف
Palate تالو
Pore مسام
Stomach معدہ
Spleen تلی
Skin جلد
Thumb انگوٹھا
Throat گلا
Temple کنپٹی
Eyelash پلک
Finger tips انگلی کےپور
Finger انگلی
Forehead پیشانی
Hair بال
Heel ایڑی
Jaw جبڑا
Knee گھٹنا
Leg ٹانگ
Lung پھیپھڑا
Muscles پٹھے
Molar tooth داڑھ
Nipple پستان کی چوچی
Neck گردن
Nostrills نتھنے
Nerves اعصاب
Plam ہتھیلی
Rump کولہا
Sole تلوہ
Skull کھوپڑی
Toe نوک
Thigh ران
Tooth دانت


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