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Popular Languages of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that is located in South Asia and Pakistan is one of such countries where people use different languages to communicate with each other. Urdu is the national and official language of Pakistan. In this article, we will discuss some other languages so you may know what are famous and most popular languages of Pakistan mostly used by the people?

Famous Languages of Pakistan

Famous Languages of Pakistan

  1. Urdu

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. This is now used officially and used in different formal occasions of government and private sectors of Pakistan. In our educational system, the Urdu is the most important that all the students must have to learn in their curriculum. The interesting thing about the Urdu language is that only 8% of Pakistanis speak Urdu as their first. The government of Pakistan is now taking the initiative to promote their national language at the international level to encourage national solidarity.

  1. Punjabi

When we talk about the Punjabi, this is the most popular in Pakistan. Almost 44% people of Pakistan understand and speak these languages. Punjabi is the first language that is written using the Shahmukhi script which majorly uses the Urdu alphabet.

  1. Pashto

Pashto although is the “National Language of Afghanistan” that is our neighboring country. This is also has the significant number of speakers in Pakistan. This is almost spoken by the 16% people of Pakistan. The speakers of Pashto languages are located in the KPK regions of Pakistan. This has a rich literary tradition and some famous poet’s use this language are Rahman Baba and Kaushal khan Khattak.

  1. Sindhi

The Sindhi is used as the first language by the people of Pakistan who are located in the Sindh province of Pakistan. Almost 14.5% people of Pakistan speak this language. A lot of scholar’s claim that this language comes from the Sanskrit also having the Arabic influence. Some other scholars think that this originates in semi language. This is also spoken by significant people of India.

  1. Balochi

This is one of the sweetest languages spoken by the people of Pakistan. This Balochi is spoken by 4% people of Pakistan. This is majorly used by the people residing in the areas of Balochistan Province.

  1. Kashmiri

The Kashmiri is spoken by the people of Kashmir. The official language of this territory is Urdu but other languages like Pahari, Hindko, and Gojri also speak by the people of Kashmir. The confusion among the people is that the people that are living would speak Kashmiri but this is not the case. In Kashmir, people used many languages belonging to their tribes.

  1. Persian

This was spoken by the royal people of “Mughal empires”. These Languages were the traditional and cultural languages of these empires. Nowadays this has a really high status in Muslims community as well. It is also seems to be the tough language to speak. Only a few people of Pakistan know how to speak these languages.

These are the list of famous “languages of Pakistan” spoken by the people. Everyone must know their national languages as well as their regional. Please tell us in comment box about your national languages and you belong from where.

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